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Women's Nike® Vintage Collection Air Pegasus '83 sneakers


drift series - Kaori Tatebayashi Ceramics




Hexagonal Honey Jars stack to form the shape of a honeycomb #packaging #food cc @DesignTAXI Crew Crew


hand warmer DIY | ar mommy

This is an incredibly humbling reel by Instrument.


Melanie's been working with Anna for a long time, I was excited to be included this time around as part of rebranding Ruby3. We wanted to rethink her site so that we could take the simplicity of a blog format and make it work for all of the events and fashion happenings that she's involved in. The initial homepage of the site aggregates the latest collection with press and event info so there is always a good glimpse into what she's doing.

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I've always looked at the work of Evan Hecox and thought it was great. Now that I see how he works, I am even more enamored with it. Arkitip and Incase are making laptop and iPhone covers with his images of New York, London and Tokyo and to promote it, they've released this video to show the way in which he makes these images.

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I am the most boring person on Twitter. I have an account for the purpose of seeing what's happening with friends and for work-related reasons. I don't hate it, it actually is a great simple tool that is made really well. I know I am the most boring person on Twitter due to the newest Colle+McVoy creation, Squawq. It is an analytics tool that keeps tabs on all your favorite topics that are being tweeted about. Write in and request an account, it is worth it.

I'm fascinated by how many of the digital things in this world emulate things that are unique to the analog world. The latest gem I found, called Poladroid, is a desktop application for converting your photos into Polaroids. This isn't a new idea, there are tons of Photoshop actions to make your photos look like they were taken by Holgas or other similar cameras. The thing that made this incredible is the experience of using the application matches that of shooting an actual Polaroid. When you drag a photo to the little camera, it spits it out undeveloped and then slowly you see your image fade in over about 3 minutes.